Mizuno Presenta La Nuova Collezione Sportstyle Nomad Kizuna Pack

Mizuno Presents The New Sportstyle Nomad Kizuna Pack Collection

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OFFICIAL RELEASE: September 22, 2023

THE COLLECTION: A Kizuna pack inspired by the peaks of Iceland and the valley of Yosemite Park. Wave Rider β, Wave Prophecy LS and Wave Mujin TL are the sneakers present in this pack.

THE INSPIRATION: Nomad is a tribute to free spirits and enterprising travellers. The inner desire to experience nature is one of the main inspirations of this pack, which emphasizes the contrast between the harshness of nature and the tranquility it transmits to people. Nomad Pack celebrates the human journey through the outdoors as a way to find oneself, reconnect and find inner balance.

THE MODEL: Nomad presents Mizuno's most technical lines dressed in a range of fine and sophisticated colors. The tones and shades of these sneakers reflect the pristine beauty and rawness of nature that inspired the pack. References to nature are also the marbled effect of the midsole and the "cairn" logo printed in the insoles. Hairy suede and technical woven mesh are the materials chosen for this pack.